Rapper Z-Ro Rapped He 'Put Hands' On a GF After Ex's Alleged Beating

7/31/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Rapper Z-Ro Rapped About Putting Hands On GF After Alleged Beating


Houston rapper Z-Ro recorded a song with details of a violent altercation with a girlfriend -- and his ex claims it's a confession because he made it shortly after he allegedly beat her.  

Sources close to rapper Just Brittany claim Z-Ro produced the track and sent it to Brittany just one month after she says he beat her mercilessly. TMZ broke the story ... the Houston icon was arrested last week for the alleged attack.

The song "Sorry" includes lyrics like ... "I'm sorry, baby; I'm sorry, baby // I just can't be your ho // I can't believe I put my hands on you, I ain't wanna do it, I was trying to blow 20 grand on you // the f*** is man gon' do with all this ungratefulness and hatefulness from the people I deal with and the woman I chill with."

We've reached out to Z-Ro, but haven't heard back. As we reported, he thinks Brittany is using the beating allegations to gain publicity and promote a new reality show.