Berkeley Rally Against Hate Violent Clashes Break Out ... As Protests Ramp Up

8/27/2017 2:56 PM PDT

Berkeley Rally Against Hate Ramps Up, Violent Clashes Break Out

A rally against hate in Berkeley is shaping up to possibly be the next Charlottesville -- albeit in reverse -- since people are already throwing punches and swinging sticks.

What was supposed to be a peaceful gathering of protesters has began to boil over into a clash of Trump supporters and liberal groups, including one called Antifa -- guys in all black that oftentimes get violent at these events. Cops have tried to keep the peace, but fights are still breaking out.

A lot of the Trump supporters are being chased down the street as well ... and even members of the media are being attacked. 

It's not Charlottesville quite yet ... but cops have started making arrests and appear to be getting ready to stamp out a riot.

There are no reports of deaths as a result of the Berkeley rally ... at least not yet.

Story developing ...