Gucci Mane Meet My New Cats ... Dripping in $500k Worth of Jewels!!!

9/10/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Gucci Mane Buys 2 Black Panthers, Ices 'Em Up for $500k

If you didn't peg Gucci Mane as a cat guy, you're not alone, but he is -- as long as they're panthers, that happen to be blanketed in diamonds!

Gucci just scored this sick chain which he actually designed himself. The double panther head piece has a total diamond weight of 165 carats. The cats alone have 1,800 stones, while the necklace has 2,800.

Diamond Club Miami did the labor, and owner Gary Tinhasov tells us Gucci dropped about $500k for his customized chain. Sources connected to the rapper tell us the panthers represent 3 things: courage, valor and power.

We'd like to add FILTHY RICH and ICY. As Gucci says ... "Brrrr!!!"