Madonna Admits Under Oath No Evidence Friend Stole her Panties!!!

9/14/2017 7:00 AM PDT

Madonna Admits There's No Evidence Friend Stole Her Panties!!!

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Madonna withered under oath recently as she was grilled over her allegation that a former close friend and art consultant stole her panties, a letter from Tupac and other stuff.

TMZ has obtained a transcript of Madonna's deposition in the case where she's suing Darlene Lutz, claiming Lutz is a panty thief. As we reported, the auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll was poised to sell Madonna's stuff until the singer got an emergency order blocking the auction, claiming the goods were stolen.

In the deposition, lawyers for Lutz asked Madonna, "Do you have any good-faith basis to allege that my client, Darlene Lutz, took these underwear from you?" Madonna replies, "I do not."

The lawyer pounded away, making it clear all Madonna had was an unsupported hunch.

Madonna also admits that she gave the worn undies to former boyfriend Peter Shue. She then makes a tortured argument that she mailed them to Shue but doesn't know if he actually received them so technically she still owned them.

The lawyer asked, "You're not claiming in this lawsuit that those underwear are still your property, are you?" She says, "It depends." Lawyer: "What does it depend on?" Answer: "Whether he actually received them." Peter actually told TMZ he did indeed get the panties.

And there's this ... it seems Madonna may have a thing for sending people her panties. Lawyer: "In addition to Peter Shue, how many boyfriends have you sent panties to?" Her lawyer says, "You don't have to answer that," and Madonna jumps in, "I couldn't."

There was also a brush that the auction house wanted to sell and represented it contained Madonna's hair. The lawyer asked about the locks, "And that's grossly offensive to you?" Madonna responded, "Well, it is my hair. It's creepy."

And there's this, about Madonna's estrangement from her brother ... "Do you have a recollection as you sit here today [about a falling out with your brother] in 1996?" She responds, "I don't. I'm really bad with dates in terms of what happened each year. I've had a very adventurous, full life. Lots of things happened."