Teresa Giudice So Pissed at Joe!!! He Cost Me Precious Time with My Mom

10/4/2017 1:34 PM PDT

Teresa Giudice Says Joe Screwed Her Out of Precious Time with Mom


Teresa Giudice is harboring serious resentment toward her husband, Joe, for screwing up their finances and screwing her out of her final precious months with her now-deceased mother.

The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star told us Wednesday ... although she served her 11.5 month prison sentence without bitching, her mom's death opened up old wounds. Now, Teresa has a different view of Joe's role in the bankruptcy fraud that landed them both behind bars.

Mind you, Joe's still serving his 41-month sentence, but it sounds like Teresa's having a hard time forgiving him. 

As for whether she's waiting around for Joe until his 2019 release? Her answer might surprise you.