Eminem Trump Cypher Will Get Out the Vote Says MN Congressman

10/11/2017 5:20 PM PDT

Eminem's Trump Cypher Will Improve Voter Turnout, Says Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison


Eminem sparking up a rap beef with Donald Trump is a great way to fire up voters, especially in his home state ... according to Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison.

We got Rep. Ellison Wednesday on Capitol Hill, where politicians are buzzing -- like the rest of the country -- about Em's epic cypher attacking Trump. Ellison was quick to applaud the Detroit native, saying he's "doing the right thing." 

He also says while Eminem intentionally alienated his Trump-supporting fans ... he's also struck a necessary chord with the people of Michigan, who had a poor showing at the polls last year.

As Ellison sees it ... it's Em to the rescue.