Kendall Jenner Snaps Up Charlie Sheen's Old Crib ... Lock Up the Driveway!

10/23/2017 5:33 PM PDT

Kendall Jenner Buys Charlie Sheen's Old Beverly Hills Mansion

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Kendall Jenner is moving to Beverly Hills, and she's cozying up in Charlie Sheen's old digs ... which could spell trouble if she doesn't lock up.

Sources tell us Kendall recently purchased Charlie's old mansion in Bev Hills for a cool $8.5 million. Problem is, this is his infamous bachelor pad ... the same place his car got jacked and driven off a cliff. 

You'll recall ... Kendall just got the hell out of WeHo this past summer after a string of scary incidents -- including an obsessed fan following her up her driveway ... and someone burglarizing the home. She paid $6.5 mil for that place -- looks like she shelled out a bit more for this one. It also looks like Charlie got less than what he wanted for it.

We can't blame her for zeroing in on Charlie's mansion, though -- at five bedrooms, six baths and a courtyard for Kings (or Queens) ... the purchase seems like a no-brainer. 

One suggestion ... double bolt the gate to your driveway, Kendall. 'Cause that's exactly where Charlie's whip got swooped.