R. Kelly It's the Remix to Donations ... $100 to Homeless Or $1?

11/2/2017 2:56 PM PDT

R. Kelly Gets Shade from Homeless Man After $100 Handout


R. Kelly is the Houdini of street charity ... at least according to the homeless guy who claims Kelly pulled a fast one with a hundo -- but our video might prove otherwise.

Kellz was leaving State Social House Wednesday night in WeHo, and had a friendly run-in with a homeless man. He clearly hands him some dough, and the guy is clearly excited about the sum. The question ... what exactly did he hand him?

Our photog thought it was a $100 bill. The guy's face screams Benjamin too! The confusion came when we asked about the donation. The homeless dude confirms Kelly gave him something, but hilariously disses the singer at the same time.

Our best guess is the guy's trying to keep his $100 on the DL, but watch and decide for yourself.