Vic Mensa Thoughts & Prayers On TX? Give Up the AR-15 Now, America!

11/7/2017 8:57 AM PST

Vic Mensa Makes Strong Call for Gun Control After Texas Church Massacre


Vic Mensa isn't here for politicians' "thoughts and prayers" after another mass shooting in America ... 'cause he says they're empty and meaningless.

We got the Chicago rapper leaving Poppy in WeHo Monday night, and he made an impassioned plea for Americans to give up assault weapons in the wake of the Texas massacre.

Mind you, Vic's a gun owner himself -- but it's a handgun, and he firmly believes there's no reason for any heavier weaponry on the streets of America. He also says history backs him up on that.

As for Republicans offering condolences without enacting policy change -- Vic's got some thoughts on that, too.