Chanel West Coast I Went Off on Security 'Cause Friends Stick Together!!!

11/30/2017 7:13 AM PST

Chanel West Coast Explains Why She Went Off on Club Security Guard


Chanel West Coast is just too good a pal to leave her friends behind -- which is pretty much why she says she lost it on a security guard at a club this week.

We spoke to Chanel after her meltdown on a guard at Poppy in WeHo -- where she hurled harsh insults at the dude for bouncing her and her crew -- and she told us why she flipped.

She says the guy told her to ditch her posse and to bring just herself and her cutest friend -- and that was enough to set her off. The rest -- as you'll recall -- is history.

Chanel admits to hyping her rage for cameras, but she seems sincerely disgusted by the diss. Oh, and if you're wondering why she's in a tub ... music videos don't shoot themselves.