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Eli Apple's Brother Eli's Not the Cancer 'It's His F'ing Mom!!'

12/27/2017 2:39 PM PST

Eli Apple's Brother: Eli's Not the Cancer, 'It's His F'ing Mom!!'


Eli Apple's brother says it's the NY Giants cornerback's MOTHER who's the real cancer in his life -- and he's begging his bro to cut her out before she kills his career. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Dane Blackson -- Eli's half-brother (they have the same mom) -- and he's very passionate that Annie Apple is "pulling the strings" in a very damaging way. 

"I feel like when people say Eli's like a cancer ... I just think of mom when people say like words and use these types of adjectives."

"I feel like he never had a fair shot. I mean, a lot of this sh*t that you could be judging him on, there's really a master behind him pulling the strings. So, as far as Eli being the cancer, I don't really see Eli being the cancer more than I see mom being the cancer and him not being able to distance himself."

Annie Apple has had a major presence in Eli's life ever since he broke out as a star college player at Ohio State. She became a fan favorite for her outspoken opinions and fun personality at the NFL Draft and later got a job with ESPN. 

But, Dane says she's gotta back off in a big way ... telling TMZ Sports no one in Eli's inner-circle likes their mother -- but they're all too scared to speak up. 

"Hopefully, if he listens to his big brother, he'll be able to stay here and dominate sh*t for a long time instead of worrying about how everyone else is feeling."

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