Kim Kardashian Our Home Is Now Jewelry Free!!! New Mansion, New Policy

1/3/2018 1:00 AM PST

Kim Kardashian Won't Keep Any Jewelry in New Home


Kim and Kanye's new mansion -- the one they spent years renovating and finally moved into a few weeks ago -- has its first house rule ... NO JEWELRY ALLOWED!!!

Our Kardashian sources tell us Kim decided to put the policy in place at the Hidden Hills home because she doesn't want it to be a target for thieves. In essence, she's throwing up her version of the bat signal ... NOTHING TO STEAL HERE!

We're told the very few pieces that Kim does still own are being stored elsewhere -- under constant supervision -- with very elaborate security measures to get to it. And despite the lack of jewelry at their new place ... we're told armed security's still on guard 24/7.

The move makes it clear ... the trauma of the Paris robbery is still on Kim and Kanye's minds. Especially with a new baby due this month.

Our sources say if and when Kim does decide to wear jewelry of her own again, it'll be replicas or fakes.. However, we're told if Kim decides to borrow real pieces for an event, it will NOT be allowed in the home ... a stylist will meet with her right before said event and take it back right after.

As we've reported ... there have also been a string of celebrity burglaries over the past year, with 'Real Housewives' Kyle Richards being the most recent victim.

Lesson learned for Kim.