Mark, Donnie Wahlberg We Want to Get Sauced!!!

1/13/2018 12:30 AM PST

Mark, Donnie Wahlberg Want To Protect Their Special Sauce


Mark Wahlberg and his brothers are trying to guard their very successful family burger biz by getting legal protection for their secret sauce. 

Wahlburgers restaurant has filed legal docs to corner the market on Wahl Sauce. For those who've taken a bite of a Wahlburger, the sauce is what separates it from other burgers ... kind of like a Big Mac. 

The chain not only wants to protect what's on the bun, it wants to market the sauce in bottles.

Wahlburgers is already in 14 states and Canada. Unclear if the sauce will only be sold inside their restaurants or your local market. Oh, oh, ohhhh ... the right sauce. (Sorry Donnie, couldn't resist!)