John Schneider Wife Says Financial Woes Due to His Crappy Movies

1/31/2018 4:30 PM PST

John Schneider's Wife Says His Financial Woes Due to Making Crappy TV Shows and Movies (UPDATE)


4:14 PM PT -- John tells TMZ in a statement that he's very proud of his body of work and looks forward to continuing to create great characters, stories as well as sharing his music. He adds ... "It's unfortunate that what is a private matter between two grown adults has resulted in a public mud-slinging."John Schneider makes crappy movies ... according to his estranged wife.

Elvira Schneider says the former 'Dukes of Hazzard' star's been a scofflaw in the spousal support department ... she says he's behind at least $150k and she's pissed.

In her new legal docs, Elvira says because John isn't paying her money, she's been relying on income from a Louisiana property. Now here's the problem. She says John hasn't paid taxes on the property, which she blames him on "squandering a large portion of his income via investment in his hobby of making low-budget, poorly produced film and television." The IRS, she says, is ready to foreclose on the property.

She wants John to be put in jail for being so delinquent.