Kate Upton Guess Needs to Clean House ... Marciano's Just the Start

2/8/2018 2:05 PM PST

Kate Upton Says Guess Needs to Clean House, Paul Marciano's Just the Start


Kate Upton's calling for wholesale changes at Guess, and suggests the company's problems go far beyond co-founder Paul Marciano.

We got Kate Thursday leaving Nello in NYC and she did NOT rule out working with Guess again, but she's got some big caveats. On the heels of her bombshell allegation Marciano groped her breasts, thighs and forcibly kissed her back in 2010 -- she's now adding there are others who need to be 86'd. 

Paul has denied Kate's claims, but she's now saying there's a culture at Guess that won't change until its co-founder takes a hike.

Upton also has some words for Jennifer Lopez and any women still on the roster.

You'll recall, J Lo was the guest of honor at a Guess launch party thrown just hours after Kate started hinting on social media about her Marciano allegations.

Marciano has told us he thinks she purposely timed it, attempting to upstage his moment with Jennifer.