Jeremy Piven's GF #MeToo Ruining My Life ... Dudes Are Afraid to Hit On Me!!!

2/12/2018 7:08 AM PST

Jeremy Piven's Girlfriend says #MeToo is Ruining Her Life, Too


Jeremy Piven's girlfriend is lashing out at the #MeToo movement ... but her beef has nothing to do with victims or accusers and everything to do with her.

We got Liana Mendoza in Studio City on Sunday when she went off, mostly because dudes aren't drooling over her anymore. See, everything to do with her. Remember ... the Prez dumped on the movement over the weekend, saying mere allegations without due process are ruining lives.

Jeremy's said as much ... and sexual misconduct allegations levied against him -- coupled with his "innocent until proven guilty" defense -- hasn't seemed to hurt his game.

Exhibit A -- Liana. 

Liana, however, has a completely different take on why the #MeToo movement is messing with her personally -- as in ... it now seems pointless to have gotten a boob job. She also breaks down what would happen if a random dude pulled out his junk in front of her.

She's joking ... we think.