Omarosa on 'Big Brother' Pence Would be Worse Than Trump BTW Deportations are REAL

2/12/2018 6:36 PM PST

Omarosa Says on 'Celebrity Big Brother,' Mike Pence Would Be Worse Than Trump

The Omarosa post-White House leaks continue on "Celebrity Big Brother" ... now she's saying the country would be begging for Donald Trump back if Mike Pence got into office.

Omarosa was dishing some dirt about her former gig on Monday night's episode, and she took the opportunity to slam the Vice President by saying he'd be worse than Trump as POTUS.

She goes on to mock his religious beliefs, saying Pence allegedly thinks Jesus tells him to say certain things.

And there's also this ... she says Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration is real, and is being undertaken in aggressive deportations across the country.

However ... she says Obama started it.