Dean McDermott Friendly Chat with Cops After Tori's Apparent Mental Breakdown

3/1/2018 11:46 AM PST

Dean McDermott Seen Talking to Cops After Tori Spelling's Apparent Mental Breakdown (UPDATE)


1:30 PM PT -- Police have left Tori and Dean's home. She was not arrested, and we're told officers felt she didn't meet the criteria to be held for mental evaluation.

Police did take a domestic violence incident report.

Tori Spelling's husband chatted with cops outside the couple's home -- and had one of them smiling -- not long after he dialed 911 to report she was having a mental breakdown.

Dean McDermott was seen talking with 2 officers and showing them his arm (possibly a new tat?) before shaking hands and appearing to send them on their way. Still no sign of Tori or anyone else in the family, though.

We broke the story ... cops responded to Dean's call Thursday morning around 7 AM saying Tori was being aggressive.

'Bachelor' alum Corinne Olympios -- who was hanging with Tori the night before her possible nervous breakdown -- tells us she thinks Spelling's been overwhelmed with mommyhood struggles, particularly because she got pregnant again immediately after giving birth last year.

As far as we know, Tori's still at home.