'Black Panther' Popularity Good for Booze Biz, Too ... UK Company Thinks So

3/2/2018 5:56 PM PST

'Black Panther' Booze, UK Company Wants to Make it Happen


The massive success of "Black Panther" will certainly lead fans to order cocktails and buy booze inspired by the Marvel blockbuster ... at least that's what a company in the UK thinks.

The company filed trademark paperwork last week to use the names "Wakanda" and "T Challa Black Panther" on unspecified alcohol products. Of course, T'Challa is the name of Chadwick Boseman's lead character, and Wakanda is his fictional homeland in the massive box office smash.

The company, TCBP Holdings, is based in Northern Ireland, and according to the docs they want the trademark for ALL alcoholic beverages -- except beer.

Cuz ain't no party like a Black Panther party ... or something like that.