Jimmy Kimmel Lake Havasu Oscars Shout-Out Saving AZ Town Cash

3/5/2018 12:00 PM PST

Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars Shout-Out Saving Lake Havasu Cash


Lake Havasu is relishing in the free press from Sunday night's Oscars telecast, not only because it put the town on the map, but because the plug will save the city tons of cash on advertising in the future.

A rep from the Lake Havasu Visitor Center tells us they didn't take host Jimmy Kimmel's shout as a diss. Some thought Kimmel was poking fun at the Arizona Spring Break-friendly community by offering a free trip and a stay at the local Days Inn to whoever kept their Oscars speech the shortest.

But the LHVC says they have a sense of humor and see the silver lining since it was some free prime time advertising. The city even extended an all-expenses paid trip to the shortest speech winner, Mark Bridges, who won for Best Costume Design and got to go home with a jet ski.

It comes with a string attached ... the LHVC says they hope Mark will speak to local colleges in the area about his career when/if he visits.