Nick Cannon Sued for Shortchanging Crew on 'She Ball'

3/6/2018 10:57 AM PST

Nick Cannon Sued for Failing to Pay Crew on Upcoming Movie 'She Ball'


Nick Cannon stiffed his crew on his upcoming movie, "She Ball" ... this according to a new lawsuit filed by some of the people who worked on the flick.

Nick -- who wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film -- is accused in the class action lawsuit of failing to pay OT. The lawsuit also claims he failed to give his crew meal and rest breaks.

The lawsuit also says Nick was late in paying wages to drivers, grips, camera operators, lighting crews, location managers and set dressers. In all, the suit says 100 people were shortchanged.

We got Nick out in January -- when accusations first surfaced from angry employees -- and he wasn't too bothered, saying he's just the big name, but the problem has nothing to do with him.

The movie, which also stars Chris Brown, is expected to be released sometime this year.  

We reached out to Nick's rep ... so far no word back.