Kevin O'Leary Jumps the Shark (Tank) Nickname Gimme 'Wonderful' Booze!

3/8/2018 12:10 AM PST

Kevin O'Leary Files Trademark for New Booze Brand 'Mr. Wonderful'


Kevin O'Leary's not done getting you drunk, and he's not done riding the "Shark Tank" wave either -- 'cause he might have some wonderful drank coming your way soon.

O'Leary just applied to trademark "Mr. Wonderful" for a variety of alcoholic products, which we imagine the multimillionaire entrepreneur wants to sell to the masses. He's also aiming to sell books and pamphlets featuring the beverages. 

In case you don't know ... O'Leary's nickname on the reality show is Mr. Wonderful. So yeah ... drink that in. The booze he wants to brand includes just about everything but beer -- so we might be seeing "Mr. Wonderful" shots of tequila and wine coolers any day now.

Speaking of wine ... O'Leary already has an entire collection named after himself -- otherwise known as O'Leary Fine Wines. Those retail for about $25 a bottle.

No word on what his 'Wonderful' hooch might go for, though.