Stevie Wonder Austin Bomber Is a Terrorist ... U.S. Should Go Aussie Route

3/20/2018 7:32 AM PDT

Stevie Wonder Says Austin Package Bomber Is No Different from Terrorists


Stevie Wonder thinks America needs to be more like Australia if it's serious about curbing mass shootings, and other acts of domestic terrorism like the package bomber in Austin.

We got Stevie leaving Mr. Chow Monday night in Bev Hills -- just a few hours before the latest bomb, bound for Austin, went off at a FedEx facility. So far, 2 people have been killed by 5 different exploding packages, and police suspect the bomber's targeting black people.

Stevie told us the people sending the packages are "no different than terrorists" ... and urged politicians to look Down Under for a plan to combat the violence. 

Australia drastically changed its gun laws in 1996 after a mass shooting killed 35 people, and there haven't been any mass shootings since then.