Jay-Z Jigga Wants Ya to Chug His Twins!!!

3/24/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Jay-Z Hints at Champagne Bottle Named in Honor of Sir & Rumi


Jay-Z's thinking money when he sees twins ... Sorry, Sir and Rumi, but it's true.

Hova's champagne company, Ace Of Spades, filed docs back in November -- and recently obtained by TMZ -- to trademark "Les Jumelles d'Armand de Brignac." The doc lists the translation as "the twins." Ain't gotta remind ya that Jay and Bey have baby twins.

It's interesting ... the docs were filed just 5 days after we saw the twins make their vacay debut in Miami ... where the family tagged along for Jay's concert in Orlando.

Forget blowing bubbles ... serving bubbly's how Sir and Rumi get down.