Stormy Daniels Former Co-Worker Says She Told Him About Threat

3/26/2018 12:34 PM PDT

Stormy Daniels' Former Co-Worker Says She Told Him About Threat


A bigwig at the porn company where Stormy Daniels made her name says Stormy told him around the time of the Presidential election about the threat she received to shut up about the Donald Trump sexual encounter ... or else.

Brad Armstrong is a director/writer/producer/cinematographer at Wicked Pictures, where Stormy worked for years. Armstrong tells TMZ he and Stormy had a bad falling out and the hard feelings go both ways ... so he has no reason to protect her or buttress her story.

Armstrong says roughly a year and a half ago Stormy was waffling on whether to talk about her hookup with Trump or take money in return for silence. He says one of the deciding factors in choosing the money was that she had been threatened by a guy who came up to her in a parking lot when she was with her child. This is generally the story Stormy told on "60 Minutes" ... that a guy came up to her in a Vegas parking lot, told her to leave Trump alone and he insinuated if she talked, she would be harmed.

The timing seems to coincide with the $130k she received from Michael Cohen.

He says she told him the guy was clearly a Trump supporter but didn't say she felt he made the threat at Trump's behest.

Armstrong also says Stormy was open with him about the 2006 sexual encounter ...  he says she told him about it.