Chris Brown Hands on Woman's Neck ... They Say It's Just Horseplay

3/29/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Chris Brown Puts Hands on Woman's Neck But They Say it's Just Horseplay


Chris Brown was horseplaying in Miami a few days ago and, even though some of the pics look ominous, Chris and the woman say it was all in good fun.

Chris and a bunch of people were partying at a home he was renting during the Ultra Festival. The photos were taken at 9 AM Monday.

In a few photos ... Chris has his right hand around a woman's throat. Although the woman looks like she's in distress in a few pics, she and Chris insist it's horseplay. In other photos you see the woman smiling as Chris touches her neck.

Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, tells TMZ, "She's a friend. It's obviously playful as she confirmed. Whoever invaded their privacy will be held accountable."

In looking at the photos, it's hard not to recall the brutal Rihanna attack ... an attack that ended in a felony conviction and a rocky 5-year probation.