'Cops' New Footage Released ... Crew Member Shot, Killed While Taping

4/26/2018 8:44 AM PDT

Video Released of 'Cops' Crew Member Getting Shot During Omaha Robbery

The "Cops" crew member who was shot and killed during a shootout got caught between officers and the robber who was trying to escape ... is now seen on video for the first time.

A judge just released the "Cops" camera crew footage of the 2014 incident, which left audio operator Bryce Dion dead. He was shot by a cop who was firing while chasing a suspect who'd just robbed a Wendy's in Omaha.

When the shootout ends you see the cameraman running out to the parking lot, trying to capture footage as the officers captured the suspect -- but first, he sees Bryce on the floor. He was still moving, but he eventually died from his wounds.

As we reported, Bryce's family sued the city of Omaha for wrongful death. The 3 officers involved in the shooting were cleared of criminal wrongdoing.