'Family Feud' Contestant Kill the Ex-Wife ... Who Says You Have a Teeny-Weeny

5/6/2018 7:28 AM PDT

'Family Feud' Contestant Says Kill Ex-Wife Who Says You Have Teeny-Weeny

Ever see something that was hysterical and super troubling at the same time?

Steve Harvey posed this question to the folks on "Family Feud" ... What would you do to an ex-wife who said you had a teeny-weeny?

The answers were all whack, much deserving of a giant X.  But then Max chimed in with an answer rivaling the likes of Lorena Bobbitt.  

When you watch it, you realize the politically correct thing to do is show  scorn and ridicule.  So the question ... after you watch it, you gotta wonder -- why the hell did you laugh so hard?

Final thing ... in case you're wondering why the contestant who guessed "divorce" as an answer struck out ... the question was about an ex-wife.