Lana Del Rey Gets Buyer's Remorse Mid-Selfie

5/10/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Lana Del Rey Turns Down Fan's Photo Request Mid-Selfie After Met Gala


Lana Del Rey can change her mind at the drop of a hat, as one unlucky sap quickly learned trying to press his luck with a camera.

TMZ obtained video of Lana shutting down a fan's selfie Monday night in NYC right as she was about to snap -- all 'cause the dude tried switching things up last minute.

Eyewitnesses tell us the guy caught Lana heading back to her hotel after the Met Gala, and got a standard photo with her. Then he wanted a selfie, giving her the camera at first ... but then deciding he wanted to hold it himself. She wasn't down for that ... any of it, ultimately.

Not exactly the angel she was playing on the red carpet just hours earlier, but let this be a lesson to all -- shoot your shot with Lana Del Rey ... then get the hell out.