Meek Mill Judge Brinkley Traumatized by Maid ... Get Her Off My Case!!!

6/4/2018 7:30 AM PDT

Meek Mill Says Judge Brinkley Can't Preside Because of Maid Trauma


Meek Mill's not giving up on trying to get the judge he believes has it out for him off his case, and he thinks her claims of "intense trauma" from her past are a good reason ... according to new legal docs.

Meek's lawyers presented a new argument to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, claiming Judge Genece Brinkley's 2014 lawsuit against a hotel for monetary damages is more proof she's unfit to reside over the rapper's criminal case.

According to the docs ... Brinkley claims she was "traumatized" when she allegedly found a housekeeper's nametag in her bed at a hotel during a judicial conference. Though it subsided, Brinkley claimed the trauma returned a year later at the time of the next conference ... causing her to file suit.

This comes on the heels of another civil lawsuit filed by Brinkley -- also presented by Meek's legal team to the court -- in which she allegedly claimed she'd suffered a head injury from a 2016 car accident that left her with "severe head trauma" and "neurological" injuries.

As we reported ... a state court judge denied Meek's bid to get Brinkley removed from his pending case, despite the new info about her head injury.

Now it's up to the state Supreme Court to make the call after considering the new info from Meek's team.

9:00 AM PT -- Meek's attorney, Joe Tacopina, tells us, “Judge Brinkley's conduct since the time of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision to grant bail to Meek -- including inappropriately commenting on his case through her lawyer, treating him differently than the thousands of other uncontested PCRAs and stating under oath that she has in the past and may in the future be disabled from performing her job -- necessitates her immediate removal from this case."