Roseanne on Valerie Jarrett 'I Thought the Bitch was White!!!'

7/20/2018 3:40 AM PDT

Roseanne says Valerie Jarrett Comment Wasn't Racist, 'I Thought the Bitch Was White!'

Roseanne Barr let out a primal scream with one of her many explanations for the racist tweet targeted at Valerie Jarrett ... "I THOUGHT THE BITCH WAS WHITE!!!!!"

Roseanne was being interviewed about her comment, comparing former Obama White House staffer Valerie Jarrett to an ape. ABC quickly fired her, cancelled her show and then re-rebooted it as "The Connors."

The interviewer, Roseanne's 40-year-old-son Jake, is asking her about a prior video in which it sounds like Roseanne had worn multiple outfits. Roseanne listened to Jake as she manically puffed away on a cig, clearly agitated.

That's when she lets out the primal scream ... twice.

Up to now, she's tried apologizing to both Jarrett -- who is African-American -- and America for her comment, saying it was a stupid comment made while on Ambien and accepting the blame.

Roseanne posted the video on her YouTube page.