Stormy Daniels Ex Threw a Fan at Me, Shoved Me In Front of Our 4-Year-Old

7/24/2018 10:00 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels Says Husband Threw Fan at Her During 2015 Domestic Violence Case


Stormy Daniels' estranged husband went after her in a violent rage 6 months into their marriage, in front of their little girl ... and the alleged attack got him arrested.

Stormy and Glendon Crain, who filed to divorce her last week, got into a heated argument back in July 2015 at their suburban Dallas home, and according to police documents he hurled a large box fan at her. Stormy told cops she managed to dodge the fan, but then Crain shoved her down.

In the docs, Stormy says she went down hard and suffered a rug burn ... and then Crain started punching himself and pulling out his own hair. She told police Crain told her to call police, and added ... he didn't care if he went to jail because he'd hang himself.

All of this went down in front of the couple's 4-year-old daughter. Police say the little girl told the responding officer ... "My daddy pushed momma down."

Crain was arrested for assault causing bodily injury/family violence.

As we reported, Crain got a restraining order against Stormy last week to keep her away from him and their daughter.

The domestic violence charge was eventually dropped in March 2018 because Crain reportedly completed a pretrial rehabilitation program. That was just 2 weeks before Stormy's CNN interview.