Valerie Jarrett Rejects Roseanne's Talk Show Invite!!!

7/25/2018 11:04 AM PDT

Valerie Jarrett Happily Rejects Roseanne's Invitation to Chat


That was fast. Not long after Roseanne said she wanted to have Valerie Jarrett on her new talk show, so they can hash things out, the former Obama aide happily rejected the disgraced comedian with 1 simple word -- NO!!!

We got Valerie at JFK Airport on Wednesday and straight-up asked if she'd be willing sit down with Roseanne. As you know ... Roseanne compared Valerie to an ape, prompting ABC to cancel her show. Roseanne tried apologizing and later said, "I thought the bitch was white!" Valerie's African-American.

Roseanne wants to clear things up with Valerie (in the nude, no less), but it's crystal clear Valerie wants nothing to do with her. Valerie even took a subtle swipe at the comedian ... pulling a Mariah with a "Roseanne who?" when she joined the gals on "The View."

Well played, Val.