Roseanne TV Apology to Valerie Jarrett ... Ends With a 'Do Diss

7/26/2018 6:47 PM PDT

Roseanne's TV Apology to Valerie Jarrett Ends with an Insult About Her Haircut

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Roseanne Barr took a crack at an on-air apology to Valerie Jarrett for posting a racist tweet about her, but it didn't go too well ... especially at the very end.

Roseanne was speaking on Sean Hannity's show Thursday night about her notorious tweet and the fallout that came after, when Hannity gave her a chance to look at the camera and say sorry to Jarrett.

Barr used the opportunity to drop a sort of half-apology, but even that was better than how she decided to wrap it up -- by insulting Valerie's haircut.

Roseanne's TV appearance comes after she's been hard at work with her son to create her own content, with the mission being -- ironically -- to get her unfiltered and true story out there -- not the media's.

As you know ... Roseanne's hit ABC show was canned after she compared Valerie to an ape on Twitter. She's tried to excuse it away -- first by blaming Ambien, then by claiming she thought "the bitch was white" -- while also alleging ABC really fired her because she's a Donald Trump supporter.

ABC has since revived "Roseanne" with a reboot/spin-off centered around the Conner family ... but without Roseanne, of course.