Louis C.K. Kills with Rape Whistle Joke During Comeback Gig

8/29/2018 2:00 PM PDT

Louis C.K. Cracked Rape Whistle Joke During Comeback Gig

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Louis C.K. did NOT tread lightly in his first stand-up gig since admitting his sexual misconduct, because he reportedly cracked a joke about rape whistles.

Remember, C.K. copped to dropping his pants and masturbating in front of women ... and even coercing them into keeping silent about it. So, at least 2 female audience members at the Comedy Cellar in NYC were shocked to hear him start a bit about the phrase "clean as a whistle."

The women told Vulture C.K. worked up to a joke about rape whistles NOT being clean, and they say it was very well received -- "people were laughing, and I was just sitting there like, oh my f**k."

They were uncomfortable and depressed that C.K.'s joke had killed ... especially considering the things he's admitted doing

Marlon Wayans told us he doesn't have any issue with Louis returning to stand-up ... although not everyone in the comedy world agrees.