Tyga Sues Cash Money & Young Money I Want No Less Than $10 Mil!

8/29/2018 12:21 PM PDT

Tyga Sues Cash Money and Young Money Over Albums, Asks $10 mil


12:20 PM PT -- A source close to Tyga wants to make it clear ... this is solely a business feud, nothing personal with Wayne. He's also amended his complaint and is asking for no less than $10 mil.Tyga is squaring off with the likes of Birdman and Lil Wayne by suing both Cash Money and Young Money, claiming they screwed him out of lots of loot. 

Here's the backstory. Tyga claims he made a deal back in 2009 in which he would produce 2 albums for Young Money. The albums -- 'Careless World' and "Hotel California" -- both charted big on Billboard. 'Careless World' charted #4 and 'Hotel Cali' charted 7.

Tyga claims Young Money -- run by Lil Wayne -- shorted him "significant sums."

He goes on in his lawsuit to claim in 2016 both Cash Money and Young Money agreed to pay Tyga all the royalties that he says were owed to him for years, but he didn't get squat.

Tyga says he's tried over and over to get paid, only to get stonewalled. 

He wants no less than a cool mil.

Originally published -- 8/29/18 6:21 AM PT