Loretta Devine Fake News Got Me That's NOT My Husband

9/2/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Loretta Devine Becomes Victim of Fake News Involving Husband


Someone really wants to be married to Loretta Devine ... 'cause the actress was the target of an Internet prank involving her "spouse." 

A Google search for Loretta and her husband falsely stated she was once married to Lamar Tyler and they had a kid ... so we caught up with the "Grey's Anatomy" star at LAX and asked about the whole ordeal. 

Loretta says the mix-up resulted in people getting her real spouse Glenn Marshall's name wrong at a charity benefit. 

That's pretty embarrassing. Do your research, MCs!!!

Loretta says it's frightening to be involved in fake news. Donald Trump certainly has his opinions.

As for her fictional ex-hubby, Loretta admits he's one good looking dude. But, that doesn't mean they are or ever were married! The gaffe still hasn't been fixed.