Kim Richards Off Probation After 3 Long Years ... Let's Celebrate!!!

9/27/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Kim Richards Finally Off Probation After 3-Year Saga of Drunken Arrest


Things are finally looking up for Kim Richards, because we've learned she's off probation after the seemingly endless saga that started with her Beverly Hills Hotel bust ... back in April 2015!

Sources close to the situation tell us Kim recently ended her probation in the case. As we reported, she had completed her required 450 hours of community service and 52 AA meetings as of December 2017 ... but she was waiting out the clock for probation to end.

You'll recall, Kim got a 2-for-1 sentence for the drunken rampage at the hotel, and for shoplifting $600 worth of Target merch.

Now that the legal nightmare's in her rearview, it looks like Kim is in a good place -- she's repairing relationships and having some fun at the same time.

Kim went out in Los Angeles Monday night to celebrate her 54th birthday, and we were shocked to see her hanging with sisters Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards.

The sisters have famously been hot and cold for years, so this was clearly a big step for them.

Nothing pulls a family together like getting Johnny Law off your back.