Shawn Mendes Feeling My Selfie ... My Fans Know The Drill

9/27/2018 12:16 PM PDT

Shawn Mendes Figured Out The Quickest Way to Meet His Selfie Obligations


Shawn Mendes is the master of the celeb selfie ... 'cause he's figured out the fastest way to satisfy his fans and move on with his day. 

As Shawn is being faced with an endless crowd of fans clamoring for a selfie, he takes the reins and works his way through the line with impressive efficiency.

It's clear his fans know the drill ... they were already lined up in an orderly fashion even before he arrived. 

No waiting for fans fumbling with their phones and struggling to find the right angles. Shawn is grabbing phones and banging out pics like he's on an assembly line. Can't wait all day, dude's got places to be.

Point, smile, click, repeat. Shawn is a textbook example for celebs dealing with selfie-starved fans.  

Speaking of textbooks ... Shawn says we need to get more in the hands of young girls, and he's interested in working with Justin Trudeau to #LeaveNoGirlBehind as he jets off to NYC for this weekend's Global Citizen Festival.  

Shawn's happy to talk about working with the Canadian Prime Minister ... but did you notice his reaction to being asked about President Trump? Don't hold your breath for a Shawn and Don selfie ...