Piers Morgan to Kanye West Just Stick to Gun Control Laws, Mate ... Otherwise You're a Joke

10/31/2018 7:01 AM PDT

Piers Morgan Says Kanye West Should Just Stick to Gun Control Issues


Piers Morgan says Kanye West distancing himself from politics -- save one really important issue -- is probably a good idea ... 'cause he thinks Ye's become a laughing stock.

We got the Brit Tuesday night leaving Craig's in WeHo where we asked what he made of Kanye saying his eyes were now "wide open" and that he'd been used to spread political messages he didn't believe in. Piers isn't so forgiving ... telling us Kanye's become a joke. 

He thinks it's wise for Yeezy to chill on talking politics, 'cause he says the dude can't make up his mind on where he stands. But, Piers does agree with one thing Kanye appears to be advocating for now ... common-sense gun laws. 

Piers is a fierce gun control advocate and he suggests he and Ye launch a campaign for the cause. Hard to tell if Kanye would be open to the idea after this harsh diss.