Mick Jagger's Daughter Ex-BF Off the Hook In Alleged Vicious Attack

11/12/2018 12:20 AM PST

Mick Jagger's Daughter's Ex-BF Off the Hook in Alleged Vicious Attack


Mick Jagger's daughter's ex-boyfriend will not face criminal charges for allegedly beating a man who's dating Suge Knight's alleged son ... TMZ has learned.

Here's how this "only in Hollywood" celeb spawn tale went down. We broke the story ... Georgia May Jagger's then-BF, Norman Theuerkorn, was booked in August for felony battery after allegedly punching the boyfriend of Andrew Knight, who claims he's Suge's kid.

The alleged attack at Blind Dragon in WeHo was so violent Andrew's BF, Darren Young, suffered internal bleeding and eventually needed brain surgery.

Now, the L.A. County D.A. and Theuerkorn's attorney, David Diamond, tell us ... the model will not be charged due to insufficient evidence. 

The D.A.'s office says half the witnesses say Theuerkorn swung on Young, but the other half say Young tripped and fell.

For what it's worth, Georgia's no longer dating Theuerkorn ... she's moved on to a restaurateur. As her pops put it, Norm ... you can't always get what you want.