Blac Chyna Rob's Denying Dream the Life She Deserves ... Not Me!!!

11/20/2018 6:53 AM PST

Blac Chyna Slams Rob Kardashian, Says Dream Deserves Life of Luxury Too

Blac Chyna thinks Rob Kardashian's going the deadbeat dad route by depriving their daughter, Dream, of a luxurious lifestyle, all while he's living one himself ... or so she believes.

Chyna slammed Rob Monday evening by suggesting their daughter should be entitled to the same type of lifestyle he enjoys -- an obvious reference to him going to court last week to get a big reduction in child support.

As she put it on Instagram ... "'So' my children aren't Supposed to live the same lifestyle as their fathers ETC ETC ha?"

We broke the story ... Rob wants to reduce his $20k a month support payments -- which he agreed to in September 2017 -- because he claims he's basically broke, while Chyna's rolling in the dough.

Chyna doesn't deny she's doing well -- she's flaunted her success recently on social media -- but she's accused Rob of just pretending to be poor so he doesn't have to fork over as much dough for Dream.

The IG post is a clear attempt at publicly shaming him, though, because she's still insisting she doesn't need his money -- "As single Mother, I provide for them and give them the luxury lifestyle they deserve..... WOW!!!"