Laura Avila Texas Woman Dies After Botched Nose Job in Mexico

11/24/2018 1:43 PM PST

Laura Avila Dies Weeks After Botched Nose Job Procedure in Mexico


Laura Avila, the Dallas realtor who ended up in a coma after a botched nose job procedure in Mexico, has died ... TMZ has learned.

Laura's death comes days after her family made the difficult decision to move her to hospice care, following deliberations with her medical team.

As we reported ... Laura slipped into a coma after surgeons in Ciudad Juarez botched her nose job by incorrectly administering anesthesia. She had gone south of the border for the procedure to save some money ... and was stuck there for 8 days before her family was able to transfer her back to Texas.

Laura's attorney, Larry Friedman, tells us ... "She had the best of life in front of her until this tragic, unfortunate and senseless death. So that her death is not in vain, people should think of Laura before they look for cross border discount surgery. They should do their homework and investigate the experience, training and track record of anyone BEFORE they sign up."

He adds ... "Always LOOK before you leap!"

Laura was 35.