Hailey Bieber Rides Shirtless Justin for Shoot

12/4/2018 3:18 PM PST

Justin Bieber Gives Wife Hailey a Shirtless Piggyback Ride for Photo Shoot

Hailey Bieber is ringing in that wifey life by riding her hubby, Justin, bareback. Okay, get your mind out of the gutter ... 'cause we're talking shirtless piggyback here.

The Biebers were doing a photo shoot Tuesday in the Hollywood Hills, where JB was giving the missus back-to-back (to back) piggyback rides ... most of which were done without a shirt on his back.

We know. You're wondering how many times can we say back?

Anyway, back to the shoot ... there were other poses the recently hitched couple got into ... like that classic model move ... the let's-spoon-each-other-while-standing-up-with-hands-at our-sides.

Love that one ... it's a staple for newlyweds.

Kinda awesome seeing Mr. and Mrs. Biebs running down a hill together with JB screaming at the top of his lungs and a leaf blower blasting to give Hailey that flowing hair effect.