Jimmy Kimmel Pal's Arrest Largely Based on Wife's ID

1/28/2019 11:43 AM PST

Jimmy Kimmel's Friend's Arrest Was Largely Based on Wife's ID


Jimmy Kimmel's good friend who was arrested for allegedly making criminal threats from inside his beachside rental home got busted because of a key ear-witness -- his estranged wife ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us famous chef and best selling author Adam Perry Lang's arrest was based in large part on the 911 recording -- in which a man said he was inside Jimmy's Hermosa Beach rental home with explosives and had assaulted his girlfriend with a high-powered rifle.

Our law enforcement sources say cops went to the home of Lang's estranged wife at around 3 AM Sunday and asked her if she could ID the voice on the call. We're told she said it could be Adam and it sounded like him, except for a Canadian phrase the caller used at the end.

Cops tell us there was other evidence that led to Lang's arrest, although they would not be specific. We're told cops on scene talked with Lang when he came out of the house and claim his voice sounded like the 911 caller.

Lang's lawyer, Glen T. Jonas, begs to differ, saying his client absolutely did not call the cops and insists the 8-hour standoff occurred because he had his ringer off and was sound asleep.

Jonas tells TMZ, "He immediately cooperated once he was notified of the commotion. Mr. Lang was the victim of 'swatting.' The person that called 911 gave the address which is consistent with swatting. There is no landline at the residence and his cellphone logs show he made no calls to 911. We are confident he will be fully exonerated."

Jimmy told us Sunday he was told by cops it was a swatting incident, but cops later told us they did not believe it was swatting.