Travis Scott Fans Pissed Over Postponed Show ... Go Into Psycho Mode

2/12/2019 8:05 AM PST

Travis Scott Fans Freak Out Over Postponed Show, Shatter Glass Door

Exclusive Details

8:05 AM PT -- Tulsa PD tells TMZ ... no arrests were made and no injuries were reported from the chaos. However, investigators are reviewing videos online and provided by witnesses, as well as the BOK Center's surveillance cameras, to try to identify people who vandalized the arena. If police can positively ID the vandals ... they will be charged.Travis Scott's concert in Oklahoma did not go well -- it was called off before it even started, and angry fans stuck around to voice their displeasure ... and to vandalize.

The rapper was set to perform a sold-out show for his Astroworld Tour at the BOK Center in Tulsa Monday night, but at the last minute the venue announced it would be postponed until March 26 due to "technical production issues."

Instead of heading home peacefully, a horde of Travis fans waited and grew more irritated outside the arena ... before one guy threw a water bottle, shattering a glass door.

More fans rushed at an entrance that was briefly opened by security and shouted, "Let us in!" ... but didn't get their wish. Cops dispersed pepper balls into the crowd after they began banging on the doors and moving metal barriers, and eventually ... everyone left unharmed.

For his part, Scott apologized to his fans shortly after the postponement announcement, explaining he didn't want to give them an incomplete show.

Trav's next gig is Wednesday night in Houston. He could use the hometown love.

Originally Published -- 6:45 AM PT