Dina Lohan Planning To Meet 'Catfish' BF ... It's Finally Happening!!!

3/2/2019 12:10 AM PST

Dina Lohan Making Plans to Finally Meet 'Catfish' Boyfriend


Dina Lohan is taking her relationship with her online boyfriend to the next level ... because they're making plans to finally meet in person -- after 5 years of online dating!!!

Dina's love interest, 53-year-old Jesse Nadler, tells TMZ ... a face-to-face meeting is in the works, and it's going down the next time Dina is in Los Angeles!!!

Jesse says things are going great between them, now that Dina's out of the "Celebrity Big Brother" house ... and they're chatting on FaceTime almost every day. 

We're told Dina's getting TV offers, so they're planning to kill 2 birds with 1 stone whenever she makes a business trip to Hollywood. Jesse's already living in Cali, and he's patiently waiting to meet his long-distance boo. 

As you know … Dina and Jesse’s relationship has evolved from platonic to romantic … even though they've never met in real life.

But, that's all about to change.