Will Smith S*** Gets Real for 'Bad Boys' Fight ... Hold the Stunt Double!!!

4/3/2019 2:44 PM PDT

Will Smith Films Fight Scene for 'Bad Boys' 3, Hold the Stunt Double

Will Smith's kicking ass in Miami ... 'cause he wouldn't be a true bad boy if he let a stunt double handle all the fight scenes!

Will did a little shadow boxing Wednesday to warm up for this "Bad Boys for Life" shoot. The scene goes down on the balcony of a hotel ... and from the look of things, nothing -- and we mean NOTHING -- was stopping Will.

Well, maybe a little lint that got in his eye.

But, seriously ... dude's winning at life and putting all dad bods to serious shame with his sharp fighting skills. Those 'Ali' moves still seem fresh in Will's mind -- as his foe in the motorcycle helmet will attest. 

Big Willie was still his fun-loving self, though ... taking time to goof around with his stand-in and the crew.

Will and Martin Lawrence -- aka Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett -- have been shooting scenes since January for 'BB4L,' which comes out next year. Looks they haven't missed a step since the last sequel, 16 years ago.