Sublime Bassist Eric Wilson Injured In ATV Accident ... Broke Arm, 4 Ribs

4/6/2019 11:23 AM PDT

Sublime Bassist Eric Wilson Injured In ATV Accident, Broke Arm And Ribs


Sublime bassist Eric Wilson was seriously injured in an ATV accident on his California ranch ... sustaining a broken arm and 4 ribs -- his manager tells TMZ.

Manager Cheez tells us Wilson was working on his avocado ranch when his ATV rolled over ... crushing him. Rescue responded and rushed him to a hospital near San Diego. 

We're told Wilson went into the operating room and the surgery lasted nearly 5 hours.  

The accident occurred Thursday and he's still in the hospital, but he's expected to recover and be released early next week.

Back in the '90s, Sublime was an ultra-popular band, with massive hits like "Santeria" and "What I Got." The band broke up in 1997 after its lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died from an overdose.  Wilson still tours with Sublime with Rome -- same band, new singer.

As for why he was on the ATV ... he was working on his 20-acre avocado ranch in Bonsall, CA, near San Diego.