Sublime Bassist Eric Wilson Injured In ATV Accident ... Broke Arm, 4 Ribs

Sublime bassist Eric Wilson was seriously injured in an ATV accident on his California ranch ... sustaining a broken arm and 4 ribs -- his manager tells TMZ.

Manager Cheez tells us Wilson was working on his avocado ranch when his ATV rolled over ... crushing him. Rescue responded and rushed him to a hospital near San Diego.

We're told Wilson went into the operating room and the surgery lasted nearly 5 hours.

The accident occurred Thursday and he's still in the hospital, but he's expected to recover and be released early next week.

Back in the '90s, Sublime was an ultra-popular band, with massive hits like "Santeria" and "What I Got." The band broke up in 1997 after its lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died from an overdose. Wilson still tours with Sublime with Rome -- same band, new singer.

As for why he was on the ATV ... he was working on his 20-acre avocado ranch in Bonsall, CA, near San Diego.

Sublime Singer On-Stage Weed Session ... Take That Linkin Narc!

Looks like Sublime with Rome's lead singer didn't wanna set off anyone's allergies outside his dressing room last night in Napa Valley ... so instead he toked up on-stage.

Sublime with Rome played the Bottlerock festival Friday night with other big artists like Matisyahu and The Cure ... and so far, no one's ratted on the band for smoking out.

As we previously reported, Tucson cops say security for Linkin Park approached them to report Sublime's dressing room weed-fest last weekend -- and said it was because one of the L.P. guys is allergic to smoke.

We're guessing Rome Ramirez lit up on-stage last night in protest.

Or he just wanted to get high.

Sublime With Rome Weed Confiscated ... Linkin Park Ratted Us Out to Cops

Sublime with Rome had their weed confiscated this weekend in Arizona ... and they have Linkin Park's posse to blame for it.

According to the Pima County Sheriff's Department, security for Linkin Park approached off-duty deputies at the KMFA Day concert at Tucson Electric Park on Saturday. The sheriff''s report says the security guard told deputies that members of Sublime were smoking weed.

The report -- obtained by TMZ -- says the guard dropped the dime because one of the members of Linkin Park was allergic to marijuana smoke. When deputies went to confront Sublime With Rome, they found their dressing room empty ... but did find "several bags of marijuana."

The deputies took custody of the pot -- as well as some rolling papers, a pipe, and a few roaches.

A rep for Sublime With Rome tells TMZ ... Linkin Park felt badly and offered to replace the weed that was taken. But the rep says the band refused and is still pretty pissed off about the whole thing.

Mike Shinoda from LP tweeted a denial of the sheriff's report ... claiming no one from his band's entourage turned rat.

Sublime Bassist What I Got ... Is One Busted Shoulder

Sublime's summer tour nearly came to a screeching halt last weekend -- when the band's bassist dislocated his shoulder during a freak longboard accident ... and his rottweiler's to blame.

It all went down Sunday at Summerfest in Milwaukee -- sources close to the band tell TMZ, Eric Wilson's rott was pulling him around backstage on his longboard ... when the bassist took a nasty spill.

We're told Wilson's hand had somehow gotten tangled in his dog's leash -- and the strong animal dragged him 10 feet, dislocating his right shoulder.

Paramedics responded to the scene and rushed Wilson to a nearby hospital, where doctors popped the shoulder back into its socket. Eric's now back on the road, but still recovering.

Lucky for Eric, he didn't injure his left shoulder, which supports his bass strap and does most of the moving when he plays. Eric's rep tells us, "If he had injured his left shoulder, we would have had to cancel the rest of the tour."

Feel the break, feeeeeeeel the break.

Sublime with Rome Original Drummer Quits

One of the founding members of Sublime has quit the band ... again.

Moments before Sublime with Rome took the stage at The KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert in L.A. this weekend, drummer Bud Gaugh announced the show would be his last.

When asked why he was leaving, Gaugh said, "It's a long story" ... adding, "The story is that I'm gonna be a dad here again real soon, and I just wanna be there for my family."

But the tension had been building for a while -- TMZ broke the story, Gaugh stormed off the stage at a concert last month after hurling cuss words at the band's manager, Mike "Cheez" Brown.

We're told the guys tried to bury the hatchet ... but it seems things finally reached a breaking point.

Old news is old news!
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